Our company deals with production and distribution of roadside delineators and all accessories. In addition to that, our specialization is a custom plastic production and production of special road signs.
We manufacture and supply roadside delineators with CE certificate. We produce road delineators in a classical design as compact and installed, equipped with plastic reflectors or a retroflex foil. We also manufacture flexible delineators.

Our roadside delineators are certified according to EN 12899-3. Apart from customers from the Czech Republic, our traditional customers are from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. We also produce other variants of roadside delineators according to customer requirements.

Flexible Delineator Posts


Highway Delineator Posts


Delineator with snow pole

A new product of the road marking manufacturing section is the delineator with a snow pole. It is a roadside delineator with a snow pole integrated into the profile of the delineator, which ejects in the winter and remains covered in its cavity in the summer.

The delineator with this unique CLIP system enables the ejection of the pole up to 1 meter above the delineator. The pole is fitted with retroreflectors. The need to store the snow poles is eliminated. The product is certified according to EN 12899-3.


Highway delineator posts are made from polyethylene using various techniques depending on the type of post.


Compact non-divided highway delineator posts

Material- polyethylene. The upper portion is form-injected and the bottom portion is made by extrusion method. Both parts are firmly connected by a surface-injected layer.

Non-divided post – compact with reflectors

Non-divided post – compact with retroflex foils

Crash barrier post with metal bracket

Divided highway delineator posts
Assembled from three parts, demountable, connected together by plastic rivets.

Material- polyethylene. The interior portion of the road sign is made by blow-moulding. The upper parts of the post are form-injected and the bottom portion is made by extrusion. The parts are connected together by plastic rivets.


Divided road post – assembled from three parts, with reflectors

Divided road post- assembled from three parts, with retroflex foil

Plastic hob
Plastic hob for a road marker post.


Crash barrier reflector
Product description:

  • material is durable plastic
  • reflection is provided by two retroflex foil surfaces 50/70 mm – orange and white
  • the foil material is identical to the retroflex foils on our roads
  • the reflector may be fitted to metal crash barrier by means of bolt, nut and washer or fitted by means of screws to other surfaces (e.g. concrete crash barrier)


Length 1200 mm

Length 900 mm with prong *

Highway post – length 1500 mm

Length 1000 mm with plastic hob

Crash barrier post – length 300 mm

* prong not included

Reflective materials

Two types of reflective material are used when producing highway delineator posts – for both divided and non-divided:



Retroflex foil

Technical parameter

Highway delineator posts


Parametr Dimensions Notes
Dimensions of triangular 100 × 120 mm Rounded corners profile.
Wall thickness 3 mm Approximately.
Flexural moment required for reflection toward oblong axis of the road 100-200 Nm
Minimum luminance (both reflector glass and retroflex foil) 1200 mcd/lx Při [gama] = 20′, [fí] = 5°
Standard lengths 900, 1000, 1200, 1500 mm
Material PE Protected against UV radiation, recyclable.
Minimum durability 4 years Date of manufacturing on each post noted.
Packaging and dispatch 5 pieces Packaged in PE foil.