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Electric fans

Industrial plastic radial electric fans.


NV Electric fans are produced from firm PVC. Several different technologies are used during production (cutting, shaping, turning, brazing, welding with hot air, assembly etc.). Assembly of the electric fans is done in cooperation.



Left (L) and right (R) designs of the fan propellor

Location of the case

Location of the right design electric fan case (view from inlet side)

Location of the left design electric fan case (view from inlet side)

Performance characteristics

Graph of performance characteristics and levels of the acoustic sound performance LPAp2.

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Resistence of the plastic NV electric fans against effects from chemical materials

electric fan lines NV160 to NV630 are produced from firm PVC. Electric fans are made to extract steam from fluids cointaining aggressive chemicals such as acid and lye at temperatures from 0 °C to 40 °C in environments that pose no danger of explosion.

Resistance to chemicals

  • Concentrated lye - resistant
  • Sea water - resistant
  • Diluted acid - resistant
  • Diluted lye - resistant
  • Conditioned petrol - resistant
  • Concentrated acid - conditionally resistant
  • Mineral oil - conditionally resistant
  • Halogens (dry) - conditionally resistant to unstable
  • Halogen alkaline - conditionally resistant to unstable
  • Alcohol - nonresistant
  • Petrol - nonresistant
  • Ester - nonresistant
  • Ether - nonresistant
  • Ketone - nonresistant