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Road markers

We produce and distribute highway delineator posts in accordance with specifications laid down by the Czech Republic Ministry of transport. These posts are made in two basic models: divided and non-divided, with reflector glass or reflector foil.

In addition to our Czech customers we traditionally supply German, Austrian, Slovakian and Hungarian clients.

We are able to produce other versions of these posts according to the needs of our customers.

Posts may also be delivered with accessories such as reflective sheet for startling animals or snow bar for use in mountainous areas.

Hala - sloupky


Highway delineator posts are made from polyethylene using various techniques depending on the type of post.


length 1200 mm

length 900 mm with prong *

highway post-length 1500mm

length 1000mm with plastic hob

crash barrier post- length 300mm

* prong not included

Reflective materials

Two types of reflective material are used when producing highway delineator posts –for both divided and non-divided:

Technical parameter

Highway delineator posts

Dimensions of triangular

100 × 120 mm
Rounded corners profile.

Wall thickness
3 mm
Flexural moment required for reflection toward oblong axis of the road
100-200 Nm


Minimum luminance (both reflector glass and retroflex foil)
1200 mcd/lx
Při [gama] = 20', [fí] = 5°

Standard lengths

900, 1000, 1200, 1500 mm



Protected against UV radiation, recyclable.
Minimum durability

4 years

Date of manufacturing on each post noted.
Packaging and dispatch
5 pieces
Packaged in PE foil.